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Bono Baptist Church

Gathering - Growing - Going

BBC Youth



Choices, We all make them everyday. But let's face it, Students face more peer pressure today than ever before. This is a tough world to grow up in. That is why our students need now more than ever to be plugged into a ministry that focuses on them. Students are going to have fun and they can do that hanging out with friends in a setting that is designed to point them in the right direction, and that is to Christ. Students that are involved in church and youth groups are going to become equipped to make better decisions both now and in the future. Getting in with the right crowd will do more for your students than you can ever know. Our student play games, learn to worship through music, are trained through Bible study and to learn what it means to love with the love of Christ. They go on trips, go to great concerts, like "Winter Jam," youth camps, and lots more. It would be and honor to be able to invest in the lives of your students and help them find their purpose in life 


AWANA Clubs are an exciting opportunity for our children (Kindergarten through 6th grade) to benefit spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally from each weekly meeting. Our AWANA clubs offers a positive, loving atmosphere. Through AWANA, our children can develop their social skills such as sharing, listening and relating to others. Through achievement and awards, our children will gain a sense of accomplishment that leads to future successes in all areas of life. The heart of AWANA is its biblical stand that stresses the preeminence of the Word of God. The great Scripture verses on salvation and Christian growth are the core of all the AWANA achievements. AWANA clubs meet every Wednesday through the school year at 6:00PM. Transportation is provided upon request.


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me." Jesus loves children and so do we. Here at Bono Baptist we want to use every opportunity to point people to Christ no matter what their age. Preschoolers and children have a great capacity for learning. We want to come along beside parents and reinforce Biblical truths. We do this through age appropriate activities in bible study, worship, games and more. Children's Bible study classes meet each Sunday morning at 9:30am and our Awana Clubs meets every Wednesday at 6:15pm. Our children's ministry also provides other activities throughout the year such as: Vacation Bible School, Easter Egg Hunt, Parents Night Out, Mission outings, etc. We look forward to getting to know you and your family through the Preschool & Children's Ministry at Bono Baptist Church.


The Women’s Ministry of Bono Baptist Church is committed to glorifying God by providing women with opportunities for Discipleship, Fellowship and Outreach. Foundational to all we do, is our commitment to equip women to grow in their relationship with Christ. The ministry caters to women of all ages and stages of life. Whether you are single, married, a mother or single mom, the women's ministry will help you develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and with other women. Regardless of your interests, spiritual gifts or talents, there is a place for you!


The men's ministry at Bono Baptist Church provides support and an opportunity for fellowship, bible study, and prayer. Their purpose is to grow continually in relationship with the Lord, to serve Him constantly, and to minister to those inside and outside the church. Periodic meetings, fellowships, and retreats will provide contact, encouragement, and education.